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Places to visit when you’re on a holiday to Dubai

The Dubai Mall

When you talk about holiday to Dubai, all I can think about is just luxuries. Dubai was just an extensive desert covered with sand. Today, Dubai is by far the world’s fastest growing city. Its rate of growth is threatening even to the major cities like Vegas. Dubai boasts of many icons like the world’s …

Visit Boston and then cruise to Bermuda

eliot hotel boston room

If you are a regular traveler to Boston or you live within the US, then you should know that Eliot Hotel Boston is one of the best places to visit. Personally, I visit Boston for my business visits and when I get time off from my busy schedule, I tour Boston for its famous sites …

Hotels in Binghamton NY

cruises leaving from NY

Binghamton has something for everyone; from its culture to hotels, art to architecture. Seated in NY, the Southern Tier region near the border with Pennsylvania, and nestled in between the Chenango and Susquehanna Rivers, Binghamton is an iconic, history-laden, adrenaline-packed city that holds immense appeal for visitors. With its elegant hotels, tree-lined streets, spacious estates …